How can I purchase pieces from DuoDeco?
You may visit the showroom. We love seeing people's reaction when they see something they like. But if you're a busy bee and can't make the visit, you can let us know which pieces you'd like to purchase then you can just send your payment via bank deposit.

Where is the showroom located?
We are located at 65-A Cordillera St. Quezon City. You can view site map here.

Can I visit the showroom anytime?
Because the showroom doesn't have regular hours, please let us know if you'll be dropping by. Elle's office and Yuseff's workshop are also located at the showroom, and both of them are usually there. But please contact us first at least an hour before your visit just to make sure. You may schedule via 0917-8338283 / 0906-4166302.

Can I visit the showroom even if I just want to browse around and check out your items?
Sure you can. We don't want people to feel obliged. If you see something you like, you may make a purchase. But if you think you haven't seen anything that will fit your home, just enjoy your visit.

Do you ship/deliver purchased items?
Yes we do. You'll just have to add the shipping/delivery cost to your purchase.

How much is the shipping/delivery cost?
It varies, but it's usually around 50php to 300php for single small items, and 500php to 2000php for multiple smalls and bigs.

Do you ship outside Metro Manila
Yes we do, but as of this time standard shipping outside Metro Manila is only available for small items.

How can I purchase big DuoDeco pieces if I'm not from Metro Manila?
Some clients/customers from outside Metro Manila still go out of their way to visit the showroom. Others who wants bigger items shipped to them coordinate with us when they want to use their choice of shipping service.

How can I reach you if I have some inquiries?
You may email us at duodecostudio (at) gmail (dot) com. We try to check our email at least once a day to make sure we don't miss any inquiries. You may also send us a text message or call us if it's more convenient for you.

How can I reserve items?
If you want us to hold on to an item for you before your showroom visit or bank deposit, just let us know via email, text, or call.

How long can I reserve an item?
3 working day is our standard reservation. We try to remind clients/customers a day before their reservation expires.

How are DuoDeco pieces made?
From searching rare and raw items, conceptualizing, designing and choosing color/pattern options, and on some occasions hands on creating and building, all DuoDeco pieces receive a significant amount of attention from Yuseff and Elle, with skilled people surrounding them to help put their ideas to action.

Can you reproduce items?
Yes, but It would depend on the availability of materials needed to reproduce the item. We try to make each piece unique so we don't really plan ahead for future reproductions.

Can you help me choose a DuoDeco piece, based on my current home design?
Sure. If you can show us some shots of your space, we might be able to suggest which DuoDeco piece would go nicely with your current home design.