The Duo & The Deco

A tandem blended in diverse irony; One having the ability to incorporate beauty in anything using playful orchestration of colors, and the other having a constant itch to produce eccentric and edgy creations with the aim to draw reactions. Both sharing a strong desire to turn their inspired visions into tangible crafts.

Being together since 2004, Elle Uy and Yuseff Aguell has become familiar with each other’s creative style. As a couple they inevitably increased their skill to compromise opposing options, and through collaboration in numerous endeavors they developed a systematic work bond. This enables them to complement each other’s strong points while holding on to the root-concept of their individual ideas.

UPDATE: The Duo's latest and biggest collaboration yet is their new Cafe Diner / Decor Shop, Third Space Studio Cafe.

Unique is the word that best describes Yuseff, in both his personality and his craft. I've never met anyone more stubborn than him, and I've never met anyone more creatively inventive as he is. And combining those traits enables him to realize his visions. Nothing can stop him when he has a concept in mind (And I mean NOTHING) I found out that as a kid, his past time was creating stuff out of random scrap materials. Popsicle sticks were made into a model house, not as a school project, but just because he wanted to. He even dismantled perfectly working toys just to feed his curiosity on how it works. He hasn't changed one bit. But instead of popsicle sticks, he's now playing with metal and planks. And instead of dismantling toys, he's dismantling old furniture. His imagination is so out there that I feel so lucky to have him as my partner here in DuoDeco Studio, and in life. :)  -Elle

Skill and talent are two different things. A skill is something that can be taught, learned, and improved. Talent is born into someone; it’s a natural ability to do something. And that is what Elle has. She has a high level of talent for design, and an innate ability to make things beautiful. Being that, and having an upbeat personality, she effortlessly creates and design blissful and warm décor pieces. If I was the only one creating the pieces for DuoDeco, it would be like a cup of brewed coffee; Dark, strong, and it might even come across as bitter for some. Elle is like a lump of sugar; she provides just the right amount of sweetness. All she can do and all that she is, is beyond a few words, but a sure thing is that her happy dusts will rub off on anything she does.  -Yuseff

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Two contrasting creative flavors were intertwined for the concept behind DUODECO. With the quirky chic design method of Elle Uy, and the inventive build approach of Yuseff Aguell, they intend to permanently appear on the radar of active décor seekers.

From updated classic ornate designs, visually stimulating accent pieces, modernized traditional décor, unique conversation pieces, to furniture that have both great functionality and pleasing aesthetics, DUODECO continuously strives to produce items that will satisfy the needs of versatile design professionals and dynamic individuals in search of exclusive furnishing items for their spaces.